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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prayer request!

I have received many prayer request over the last few days. I decided I am just one person and the more praying the better that makes me feel. Please pray with me!

Okay so I started my week with a second cousin having a heart attack (age 45). He is currently under going many test. When I called my other cousins (who had a heart attack 2 weeks ago age 41) wife to tell her she told me one of the other homeschooling fathers in her group had a heart attack. What is up with all of that.

I have a friend in Hawaii who is going through a lot of things can always use your prayers. Her name is Cindy.

My husband told me last night that his job has slowed down since the bailout. I know God will provide for us. My prayer is that the people of the US will slow down and not freak out about this bailout. If everyone starts freaking out the economy will suffer even more.

I received a prayer for Doug's cousin Cassie because her and her husband where pregnant 2 weeks ago. The doctors heard a good heart beat 3 weeks ago and the following Monday they didn't hear one at all. They are not able to have a baby the natural way so this is even harder. They had implanted 2 eggs, 1 took and 1 didn't. Now they have lost both eggs. Please pray for them and the next eggs that are implanted. Pray her body heals 100% from the DNC she had at the beginning of last week.

Now, this email came in this morning from one of my 2 favorite sister-in-laws. This is her best friend Patty who has had many ups and downs with this pregnancy.
As many of you were aware, Eric and I were expecting our first child together. What many people did not know was that early tests indicated the baby had biological markers for
potential genetic abnormalities. Unfortunately the doctors were unable to find the baby's heartbeat this morning. As you can imagine we are devastated and are trying to make sense of why this happened. Please know that we are doing as well as can be expected and have lots of family and friends to support us but continue to keep us in your prayers.


My other favorite sister-in-law needs prayer for her little sisters wedding this weekend. Prayer for one of the brides maids sisters is sick and the doctors are clueless. Just pray that Gods peace be in everyones heart.

******Dont forget Eric, Amanda, and Hayden. Eric is a awesome army man trying to deal with what all he saw over in Iraq. Please keep all of our military in your prayers.

I know God is in control of all these situations. Everyone of these families love God and he loves them. I know God will provide for his children who follow him.

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