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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Job Dustin!

Yesterday day Dustin bought his first car from a dealership. He was so excited.

I tell you what! The young man who helped Dustin was awesome! He was so easy to work with. (I found out yesterday that he is a Christian) Last weekend we went to Fort Hood to help Dustin look at cars. We went to several dealerships and test drove several cars. The Toyota dealer was 2ND on our route. The first dealership was a jeep dealership and this is what happened: we drove up, we didn't even get out of our car and the man was on top of us. This man was "master of the obvious" he looked at us and then looked at Dustin. He looked Dustin square in the face and asked "Are you in the Army?" This is code for "I am going to stick it to you son!". He followed us everywhere we went. We had to ask prices on the cars we wanted to look at, which I hate! Why can't they put the prices on the cars? At the end of our shopping trip I had to ask for a card and I had to ask him to write the price down. Dealership 2 was much better. Dustin told him what he wanted and the guy showed us what Dustin was looking for. He let us go for a test drive and stood back the whole time. He then gave us a print out of the price, tax, tilte and total. He shock our hands and we left. Then we went to a 3rd dealership. Where I sat with the kids and talked to Mrs Cindy on the phone. Doug and Dustin went riding around with a "New" salesman and test drove nothing after 30 minutes or so. We left.

Dustin decided he really could use the car that he ended up purchasing. He made a very adult choice. He test drove a Scion sports car and the Scion xB. He decided it would be best if he purchased the xB. He said the sports car would have been to much temptation for him. How awesome is he!

Just so you know the xB is huge inside! It also has a built in cooler! How cool is that?

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Shari said...

Our Corey loves these cars! Good job to Dustin buying his first at a dealership - that's such a big deal. I remember my first car I bought alone. I think we all do.
Hope all is going well in Texas!