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Monday, October 20, 2008

A 13 year old......

Okay, So I am listening to Mike Gallagher online right now. He had a young man on his show. He is 13 and very smart. He got into study politics when we was 8 years old. Here is something from his website.
A Conservative is someone who believes in

1. Life
2. Personal Responsibility
3. Less Government
4. The Founding Principles

These are the basic principles of Conservatism, but they each require an individual in-depth analysis. Now that you understand what the basic definition of a Conservative is, let's discuss what this book is about a bit more.

Mike asked him what he thought about Powell saying Obama should be president. He said is because they are both black men that he is endorsing him. He also went on to talk about "Carternomics" and "Obamanomics" are the same. During Carters presidency we had a huge recession and if we vote Obama in we will do it again.

Check him out he is very smart.

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Shari said...

This is very interesting. I'll definately be blogging on this (and I'll link to you since I read it here first lol)