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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update on Shane

Hello Family, Friends, Neighbors and Prayer Partners:

Shane had a really rough day today. He was in surgery for many hours. The doctors are trying to get his pain under control so he went back to surgery to have a procedure that will block the feeling to the nerves in his left leg and his left arm. He also underwent some skin grafting. Shane's injuries and care are very complex but the team of doctors assured me there would be no leaf left unturned with respect to Shane's medical care. I am very impressed with the excellent care he is getting at Walter Reed. Some have asked how long he will be here. I simply don't have an answer to that yet.

He's taking baby steps toward recovery and has many more surgeries ahead as well as rehab. So I do appreciate everyone keeping Shane a daily part of your prayer life for a while.

Yesterday, he was able to tolerate a small amount of physical therapy on his right leg and right arm. He is still in the process of being evaluated for brain injury. The ENT doc gave him a smell test and he was pretty pooped after a few minutes of that. There's a lot they have to do to determine brain injury, and even though Shane is talking, his speech is slurred and it's very difficult to determine if it is the heavy medication he is on, or the pain he is having, or what is causing the slurring. He still gets very disoriented and has to be reminded where he is and that he is safe. He'll wake up and relive the trauma and start yelling to find out if everyone is okay, thinking he is back in Iraq with his fellow soldiers. Pray for his peace of mind and heart. According to what Shane told the doctor about the accident, he never lost consciousness so he was aware of every detail as it happened. I am sure he will struggle with that but with God's help I pray he can learn to have peace and get through this.

Love to all,

Everyone please keep this family help high in your prayers. Pray that Shane gets relief from the struggle of the battle going off in his head. As a fellow Army mother I can only pray that all these young men and women stay safe. My heart goes out to Debbie as a mother and as a friend. I know God is in control so please plead with him for Shanes recovery.

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