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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prayer Request

I have a urgent prayer request. I had posted awhile back a few pictures. One of those was a picture of Shane Stuard. We have known the Stuard family for many years. Shane joined the Army to grow up and take care of his family. He is a Stryker, which means he is one of the first ones into building to clear it. It is so awesome to see where he was (bad boy) to who he has turned out to be (great Dad and Husband). However, he is in Germany at the military hospital there and headed to Walter Reed here soon. Here is his picture again please click on it and make it bigger. Then print it out and post it on your frig. Then pray and pray for him and his young family. His wife's name is Hazel and they have 3 children. In the article below you can see a picture of both Shane and Hazel together when he went home in Feb. I believe. Here is an article from the miltary newspaper about military recreation and shane and hazel are in it.

I recieved a few emails now from his mother (Debbie) and here they are.
Hello Family, Friends and Neighbors, Since my last email to everyone, I have learned more on Shane's condition, have spoken to him twice on the phone, as well as to Hazel. I have also received information regarding the attack and will share that information with you as well.
Shane's condition: His injuries are now classified as "serious" but stable meaning he's been downgraded from a "life threatning" to "possible life threatening" classification and "stable" meaning his vitals are the same, neither improving nor getting worse. That's a praise! He's been transported from 86 Combat Hospital to Balad and is in intensive care there. Tomorrow he will be flown to Landstuhl, Germany for further treatment and evaluation. And then from there to a hospital in the U.S., where and when, I do not know just yet.
The Attack
Below is information I received from Captain Kurt Pressell which clears up some misinformation I was previously given, i.e., Shane was not inside a stryker vehicle when his injuries were incurred. Please see the information below: "1. At approximately 1434 01 May 08 , 1st Platoon, B Company, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry was engaged by RPG and small arms fire in a complex attack near Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq. The attack resulted in two TF 1-14 injured Soldiers. 2. Bushmaster injured Soldiers: SPC Shane Wallace Stuard and SGT John Kyle Daggett
3. SPC Shane Stuard was wounded during a RPG and machine gun attack. Soldier was evacuated to COP Callahan and further evacuated to 86th Combat Support Hospital (CSH). Soldier received severe burns and multiple shrapnel to both arms and soft tissue damage to left thigh with possible fracture, he is currently intubated and in the trauma room at the 86th CSH.
4. SGT John Daggett was wounded during a RPG and machine gun attack. Soldier was evacuated to COP Callahan and further to 86th CSH. Soldier received severe burns and multiple shrapnel to right arm, severe burns to face, and head trauma. He was intubated in trauma room at 86th CSH and then evacuated to the 332nd Air Force Theater Hospital in Balad, Iraq.
5. LTC Boccardi's, 1-14 IN's Battalion Commander, most up-to-date e-mail: SGT Daggett is out of surgery. He's on his way to Landstuhl now. His heart and lungs are strong, but there was a lot of bleeding in the head. This type of injury and affect does not usually end w/ good prognosis. Pray hard. He's as tough as they come. Once he gets to Germany they will try to wake him...this is where it all starts.
Please keep these injured Golden Dragon Hereos and their Families in your thoughts and prayers.
Respectfully, Kurt Pressell CPT, IN 1-14 IN Rear-D Commander"
I am also informed by sources I cannot reveal that even after very serious injury, Shane continued to fight and would not quit.
When I spoke to Shane late this afternoon, I told him how many people were praying for him. He was overwhelmed. Then he said, "please tell everybody to please direct their prayers more for Sgt John Daggett. He needs lots of prayers. Tell them, Mom, to please pray for Sgt Daggett."
My promise to him is that I would "tell them," so I have. Please also pray hard for Sgt Daggett and his family.
Thank you Prayer Warriors! Debbie Stuard Proud and Grateful Army Mom
Hello Everyone, God is answering your prayers! Praise God -- He is the One who hears all, knows all, and sees all!! Okay guys, I will give you as detailed of an account as I can of Shane's injuries so you can pray very specifically for those needs. Here we go...
Shane is now in Landstuhl Germany. He is undergoing surgery for irrigation and debridement of all of his wounds. Shane has significant injuries to his left hand (his fingers were blown off and sewn back on) so during the irrigation and debridement, the orthopedic surgeon will take an extensive look at his hand and note his findings in the doctors report. Shane has signficant injuries to his left foot as well. The surgeon will also look extensively at that foot and note his findings. He has signficant injuries to the left leg (left femur open fracture) with external fixation device put into place for that thigh. He also has a wound vac on the open wound to the thigh which will keep the drainage and any infection off that wound. For those of you not familiar with a wound vac, it's pretty cool because its like a constant sucking bandage over the wound and it promotes quicker healing of an open wound as it literally pulls the wound together. There is soft tissue damage to both left and right arms. He has a tube in his right lung and they will keep that tube in so they can keep his lung inflated and suctioned out. There's a dressing over his right chest wound. He has 2 significant dorsal wounds to the left foot. He suffered moderate facial burns; his eye lashes are singed off and he has drainage from his eyes. Both ear drums are perforated with about 60% hearing ability at this time.
As I said, the doctors in Germany will wash out all of his wounds, debride the wounds and give him sterile dressings and get him ready to fly to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. tomorrow. We will finally get to fly to see Shane in Washington. Since we will be leaving as early as tomorrow or Monday, I also ask for prayer for safe travel. Unless Shane's condition worsens, I will email you Update #4 from Walter Reed after I see Shane. Larry and I, again, extend our deepest thanks and appreciate the prayers, your time and efforts to forward our updates to your family, friends and churches and prayer chains. The only thing I can think of to say is we are overwhelmed by your love and care.

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