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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Cousin needs your prayers....

Just a little background, she has been sick off and on since 2006. More on than off though. I believe she is 24 years old. She acts and sounds like an 80 year old. Her mind is not all there at all. She is so tired of being sick and not young and vibrant. The note below is from her mother:
I haven't sent an update on Stephanie in a long time. She has been off work (again) since the end of March. Her fatigue and lacking mental capacity got the best of her. I took her to our family doctor and said that it is time for us to figure out what is wrong with her. She did some extensive blood work and nothing new popped up. So, our family doctor sent us to a neurologist and a hematologist. We haven't met with the hematologist yet (that is scheduled for Thur, May 22). The neurologist seems to really care about finding out what is wrong. He agrees that she was too healthy and is way too young to be this sick. I gave him my chart on all of the blood work that has been done on Steph since July 2006. (Yes, it has been almost two years.) He spent almost an hour with us, going over the last two years, putting her through mental tests, tested for her balance, etc. He did promise to not rule anything out just because of her age. He also didn't hint that it is all in her head (we have been to a couple of those types). He requested more blood work, ordered two MRI's (head and neck), and an EEG. We are seeing the hematologist because Steph's platelet numbers have been high since July '06. So, I am asking that you keep Steph and her doctor's in your prayers. Maybe this round they will find something that they can treat. Love to ya'll. Christine
P.S. Please feel free to pass this on to those I forgot to include. (Ok, maybe my mental state ain't all that it used to be, either.) Feel free to share my site with others who are prayer warriors to pray.

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