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Monday, June 2, 2008

2 Updates on Shane PRAY!

This is number 7:
Hello Family, Friends, Neighbors and Prayer Partners, Shane has taken a little turn for the worse and is back in ICU. He is being treated for pneumonia in both lungs. He also has an infection in his blood and a fever. He is unable to lift his right arm completely. His breathing is very labored but so far they have not intubated him. He has a "bug" from Iraq so he is on contact precautions, meaning gloves are necessary when being at his bedside. As of late last night he was on 3 different antiobiotics plus several other meds. Please everyone, please pray hard. Shane does not look good to me and I am worried sick. My Dad and I just flew in to D.C. late last night and of course I wouldn't tell Shane this but I was so inwardly upset at what I saw. When I left just one week ago to make a quick trip to Texas to tend to some personal business he was doing so well so I was shocked when I got back. Needless to say, we need to pray fervently!! Once I hear about the results of all of the tests the doctors have done, I will get out the next update. Until then... Joshua 1:9 and God bless you all for your righteous fervent prayer, it availeth much... Love to all,
-- Debbie
This is #8
Hello Everyone, Praise God! I have seen your prayers at work today before my very eyes. God is so good and loving. Shane is breathing a little easier and seems to be doing much better than last night although he is still on oxygen. The tests confirmed that he has a substantial amount of pneumonia in both of his lungs. Since the docs have already been treating him for that possibility, their orders have not changed with respect to his care. Tomorrow (Monday) they will do another blood culture to determine if the antibiotics are doing what they're supposed to be doing to kill off the infection that is there. He is on meds to help take the fluid off his body (and lungs) so we are hopeful that in a day or two he will make a tremendous turn around for the better. His fever broke. I am encouraged at the progress he has made today and feel much better. Thank you for praying for me too, I can feel your prayers! Tomorrow is Sgt. Daggett's graveside funeral. Unfortunately, Shane will not be able to attend, but I will be there to represent him and my family to pay our respects and give our condolences to the Daggett family. So please keep this family in your prayers. Love to all,
-- Debbie

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