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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mail Your Tea Bags

Okay now is the time to start mailing your tea bags to Washington, DC. Starting tomorrow til the 5th of April. The goal is to get them there by April 15. Please make sure your envelope lays as flat as possible, this will help its chance of actually getting to the White House. FYI, the Boston Tea Party was black tea.
You also need to include a note on why you are mailing this tea bag. Don't assume anyone in the White House currently can figure anything out. They are giving tax payers money away without having a clue about where it is going until someone breaks a story open. So they will have no clue to why you and I are mailing these tea bags without us telling them why.Here are some suggestions from the snopes website. "I enclose this tea bag as a protest against the passage of any further economic stimulus packages that provide money to businesses without provisions for strict transparency and accountability in how the money is to be spent." or "I enclose this teabag as a protest against the passage of any further economic stimulus packages that include earmarks."

Make sure you find a Tea Party Rally near your town and go show your support.


shirts4freedom said...

Tea Party gear can be found at

Shari said...

We attended our local tea party. I posted a blog with pics! check it out. I'd say there were 500-1000 at our small little party. Not bad for lunch time and this area probably.