Love One Another

If we truly love someone then we will want to serve them, with our whole heart and soul. We wont care what others think. Even if it means others laugh, judge, or criticize us for how we do things.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Corbin

So you all know how smart Corbin can be, right! Well,today was awesome. We were leaving Sam's and listening to Laugh USA on the radio. I didn't hear what they were talking about because I was trying to pull out of the parking lot.
Corbin says to me "I know how to keep a wife satisfied!" (Oh! My what could this mean?")
I said "Really?"
He said "Yes."
I am sure you know what I am thinking right now. "Should I even open this can of worms? Do I want to open this can of worms?" Before I knew it out of my mouth came "How son?"
He said " The husbands wallet."
I am sure you agree with me on the relief part of this conversation. I told him "As long as you understand that you and your wife will get along great."
Okay here comes the come back of all times. He says, with a straight face mind you, "That is why I am not." (my mind says "He is not going to get married.") He continues "going to have a wallet."
I bet you didn't see that coming did you. I know I didn't.
How funny was all that? Anyway, I hope you found this funny if not to bad. I just took 1 minute from your life you will never get back.

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