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Monday, April 2, 2012

Upcycled Light Fixture

I really needed more light in my craft room, but I am trying to save money and find some unique to put in there.. A friend of mine had given this to me more my daughters room, but we put a fan and light combo in her room. I am pretty sure she will not mind that I used it in craft room instead.. I still want to add some bling but for now here it is...
All I did is paper and taped off the "candle" lights section...and the chain (chain doesn't do well being spray painted..) If you want you could make a fabric tube to slip over it to cover up the chain... I spray painted it with white primer first, for several reasons most importantly is so that the paint sticks.. Then I sprayed my lime green color..
Here are 2 pictures for you...

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VipDashy said...

Oh,there are realy perfect!!You have a perfect taste!)