Love One Another

If we truly love someone then we will want to serve them, with our whole heart and soul. We wont care what others think. Even if it means others laugh, judge, or criticize us for how we do things.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where can you see advertising and tv spots for Chews4health? Here is a you tube video that will make you think from Dr. Freidmans first spot on a tv show. Please Please take the 4.5 minutes and watch it. Contact me not the website mentioned please.
You can Dr. Freidman talking on many shows on the lifetime network and radio spots on the air. You can also find commericals on radio and in magazines for chews4health. June 16th the ad in Womens Day comes of for the July edition. July we will also be offer to new customers a buy 1 box get 1 box free. If you are interested please contact me and I will tell you more.

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