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If we truly love someone then we will want to serve them, with our whole heart and soul. We wont care what others think. Even if it means others laugh, judge, or criticize us for how we do things.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pray Pray and Pray harder........

This was sent to me by a friend. This is her son-in-law, we have been praying for him for awhile. His picture with his young family is on my Women of Grace xanga site somewhere, if you want to see him. Here is the link

Eric went back into the hospital yesterday. It seems that he is being stressed more now that he is back. It's like the Army is doing everything they can to the soldiers who are back from Iraq with PTSD or other injuries. They want them to mess up so they can bust them back in rank which would affect their pay and the ultimate medical discharge package they will offer. Eric has seen it happen to others, and now it seems they are targeting him. He failed a drug test earlier this week (HELLO!!!!!---They have him on Percocet--After writing him up for it, and making him take another drug test, they had to retract it. Then, yesterday, he made an off-the-wall comment about Muslims--not to a Muslim, but just sitting around talking. Well, now there is this big investigation going on. Eric has seen guys busted back to Privates for the most insignificant things. They are struggling financially as it is so this is another worry for them. Eric is a good soldier. He is 26 years old and is an E-6. Went into the Army right out of highschool and has loved it the whole time. All the doctors who have reviewed his medical records say that he should never have gone back to Iraq a 2nd time, much less a 3rd. He does not deserve this.

Thank you for the prayers.

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